Ithaca/Transact 9000 POS Printer Repair

  • Ithaca/Transact 9000 POS Printer Repair
  • Ithaca/Transact 9000 POS Printer Repair
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Ithaca/Transact 9000 POS Printer Repair


$90 Flat Rate Repair

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New & Refurbished Ithaca/Transact 9000 POS Printer
Ithaca/Transact 9000 POS Printer Parts


    For full printer repair details please visit our
    POS Printer Repair Procedures Page  

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Angel Pina, Sr.
    Good ans fast service.

    Not a bad price to fix a printer.

    Thank you for the review. We appreceite it very much!

    Jacob Rasmussen
    They are pretty good and fast

    As for the refurbished side of things, the printers I received back were well cleaned and in working order, however I did have an issue where one printer wouldn’t print, I feel like the board on the printer was damaged (most likely when I sent it in it was already damaged) and that was the only thing that wasn’t fixed of the printers I sent back. Other then that they are all working perfectly now and I would definitely recommend everyone that doesn’t have the means to fix their own Ithaca printers to send them here.

    Thank you for the honest review! We need more customers like you! Thank you

    Randolph Thornburg

    Very nice results,

    Thank you for the vote of confidence!

    Pamela Pilkinton

    Ithaca/Transact 9000 POS Printer Repair

    Lewis Gerhardt
    Great work and great price

    We have had many printers repaired by Hillside. They have never let us down. The printers always work, they come back clean and well packaged.

    Thank you so much for the review. These reviews are crucial to our business and we couldn't do it without customers like you.