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Hundreds of thousands of Uniwell POS systems have been installed worldwide, improving the functionality and ease of businesses across the globe. See below to learn about some local installations- some newer additions, and others that have been running strong for several years! To learn more about Uniwell Systems, please click here.


Berberian's Farm

Northborough, MA

Located on 45 acres of farmland, Berberian's Farm is a locally renowned seasonal farm stand, famous for its delicious locally grown corn and tomatoes.  A longstanding family business, the farm was established in 1925 by the current owner's grandfather, and then passed down through the generations. Berberian's Farm utilizes Uniwell's unique functionality to sell and track hundreds of produce variations.

 Berberians Farm, Uniwell 1

Berberians Farm, Uniwell 2

Berberians Farm, Uniwell 4

Berberians Farm, Uniwell 5


Pickle Barrel Restaurant & Deli

Worcester, MA

Pickle Barrel Restaurant & Deli first opened its doors in 1974 and has been a successful local business ever since. Offering take out and delivery options, the restaurant boasts a complete menu with extensive breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. Their menu even extends to kids' entrees, desserts, and appetizers. Additionally, they offer many extras and add-ons to their meals-- there are 22 add-on options for breakfast alone! Uniwell is unique in its ability to inventory every food item sold, and customers are impressed to watch their exact order display on the screen as it is processed.

Pickel Barrel Deli, Uniwell 1

Pickel Barrel Deli, Uniwell 2


French Memories

Duxbury, MA

French Memories is an authentic French patisserie started by Philippe and Debra Odier in July 1989. There you can find classic Parisian sandwiches, coffees, and desserts, including a wide variety of delicious pastries. Their menu includes over 27 sandwiches and wraps, and over 40 desserts. Philippe, who grew up in Paris, came from a family of pastry chefs, including his brother, parents, and grandparents. He came to the United States with the determination to carry on the family tradition, and his patisserie has become a popular favorite with customers seeking a taste of Europe.

Uniwell Installation, French Memories 1

Uniwell Installation, French Memories 2


Hanna's Place

Uxbridge, MA

Both a restaurant, a pub, and a great place to buy lottery tickets, Hanna's Place offers something for everyone. Their menu has a wonderful variety of starters, soups, salads, burgers, sandwiches, and larger entree options. To get an idea of the abundant variety of meals available, there are 16 appetizers alone as well as 12 salad dressing options. Customers praise Hanna's Place for its great food, cozy atmosphere, and very friendly staff. A highly valued restaurant in the local community, Hanna's Place is able to thrive while trusting Uniwell to take care of their extensive inventory and high-volume of sales.

Uniwell, Other Installation 1

Uniwell, Other Installation 2

Uniwell, Other Installation 3


Good Thymes Family Restaurant

Lowell, MA

Jim Boutin was eleven years old when he was asked to work in the kitchen to help feed his Boy Scouts troop one evening, and decided to spend his life working with food. Undeterred by his initial rejection at a local restaurant, Jim continued to ask for a job each day for a month until they offered him a position working in the kitchen. Today, Jim runs his own popular establishment, Good Thymes Family Restaurant, a local favorite for those looking for a welcoming atmosphere and quality handmade comfort food. Recently renovated and expanded, the restaurant is famous for its crumb-crusted baked haddock, and Jim's homemade mashed potatoes (of which he sells 2,500 pounds each week!) Good Thymes has multiple Uniwell systems to accommodate the high demand and significant influx of customers who visit their restaurant each day.

Good Thymes Family Restaurant photo 1

Good Thymes Family Restaurant photo 2

Good Thymes Family Restaurant photo 3