1. How do I set the Dip Switches on my Epson printer that is connecting to a Serial port?

Epson Dip Switch Default settings(9600,8 Bits, None) work for the majority of Host Computers and Cash Registers. The host cash register or computer system Settings MUST match the POS Printer settings for proper communication. First, find the setting for the host terminal then refer to your POS printers user manual to set the DIP switches to match the settings from the Host terminal. If you do not have the user manual call the Service Department at Hillside Electronics for the proper DIP switch settings.



2. How can I change my printer from Serial to Parallel or USB without replacing it?

Most of the time, this is as simple as changing out the interface card form the POS printer (Occasionally Dip Switches may have to be set). Refer to your users manual for the proper Dip switch settings. Be sure you also have the correct cable available before you make the change. Parallel cables are limited to 6' length.



3. I replaced my Epson TM-U200 kitchen printer with the newer TM-U220 printer and now all I get is an error, what did I do wrong?

Check your power supply for the correct voltage. The power supply from an Epson TM-U200 supplies too much voltage for the Epson TM-U220 to operate. If you replaced the U200 printer but kept the U200 power supply you will experience this error. Simply replace the old power supply with the new one that came with the TM-U220 and everything should work fine. If you happened to throw out the U220 power supply, don't worry just call us and we can supply you with a replacement at a very reasonable cost.



4. How do I tell if my printer has a Serial, Parallel, USB or Ethernet interface?

Serial interface will usually be a 9 or 25(more common) pin connector with threaded studs for the cable to be screwed into. - Parallel interface will have 2 spring clips on the sides to secure the cable into the interface card. - USB interface will have the USB symbol below the connection on the interface card. Ethernet interface may sometimes be marked with 10/100. This interface requires a Cat5 cable from the network computer or register. This interface is becoming more popular with network server installations. You must have the IP Address from the interface for programming the Host Computer or Server. *** See Attached pictures on each interface.



5. What is onboard USB?

Onboard USB is a technology to communicate that requires a less expensive pass through interface card. All of the communication circuits are located on the main board of the printer and therefore are not required on the interface. Call us if you are unsure if your printer will work with the Onboard USB interface. A Hillside Electronics parts specialist will be happy to assist you in locating the correct USB interface for your needs.



6. How can I find out if my Epson printer is covered under warranty?

Check your receipt for your date of purchase or have your POS printer available and call the Hillside Electronics Service Department. We would be happy to assist you in checking your warranty status. If your unit falls under Epson warranty, Hillside Electronics will fix the problem in the shortest turn around time in the industry. If your unit is not under manufacturer's warranty, don't worry, Hillside Electronics offers flat rate printer repair with very quick turnaround and without any surprises. Whatever your need, Hillside Electronics has you covered.



7. How do I perform a Self Test on my POS printer? Is it my Printer or my Register/System that has the problem?

Most POS Printers will perform a self test by holding down the feed button and turning on the power switch. When the printer starts to print, release the feed button and after the self test is completed, the printer will go back online ready to receive data. Look at the printout you just completed. A bad thermal print head will have vertical lines or vertical blocks of text missing, this is especially bad if the receipt has a printed barcode that may have to be scanned at a later date. A dot-matrix print head will have a horizontal line through each line of text. Please note that it isn't always the printhead that is bad, it could be a cable problem.


8. Is there place where I can purchase a shipping label to send my printer into Hillside for repair? 

You can purchase a Fedex shipping label for sending one printer in for repair here. You can choose to drop your package off at your local FedEx facility, or to have your package picked up from your location for an extra cost. The label will be emailed to you after purchase. Additionally, when you order a repair from our website you are required to prepay for your return shipping.


9. If I purchase an item with expedited shipping, am I guaranteed to receive it within the requested timeframe?

We cannot guarantee your expedited order will arrive on time if you purchase after 1 pm Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday. If you purchase with expedited shipping after 1 pm, your order may not be processed by the time our shipping trucks depart, and may not be shipped until the following business day.