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Uniwell All-In-One Touchscreen POS Systems stand apart from the crowd with their ability to be completely customized by Uniwell professionals during installation at your restaurant, cafe, bar, or retail establishment. Say goodbye to frustrating one-size-fits all, cookie-cutter machines that don't work for your specific needs. Uniwell understands the importance of tailoring your POS systems so that you don't waste any time trying to mold a generic machine to your business' unique needs. See below to view a couple of examples of the kind of customizations possible with a Uniwell All-In-One POS system! For more information, please email us at hec@hec.com, or call us at 413-238-5566. You can also visit Uniwell's website at www.uniwell.com.




Example 1-- Here you can see an example of an order screen with a HX-6500 POS system touchscreen. This screen is completely customizable to match your individual menu or store offerings.


Uniwell HX-65000 Screen Customization



Example 2-- On the HX-6500 All-In-One POS system below you can see a visual representation of a menu with prices listed to the right. At the top, you can filter your view by selecting the correct price range. To the left is a written list of menu items. The methods by which you can filter and view your products on the HX-6500 are very extensive!


Optima HX-6500 Screen Option



Example 3-- Below you can see an example of a custom restaurant layout on the HX-6500 All-In-One Touchscreen POS System. Uniwell POS Systems allow you to plan and track your in-house seating to quickly and simply seat patrons at your establishment.



Restaurant Layout on an HX-65000