What Are the Best POS Printers for Banks?

What Are the Best POS Printers for Banks?

On January 30, 2023 the Biden Administration announced that the public health emergency and national emergency declarations for the Covid-19 pandemic will end on May 11, 2023. This news comes as a great relief and offers hope that this difficult historic period will soon be coming to a close. It also means that many people who have been reticent to spend time in public spaces may once again feel comfortable venturing out, and may replace some virtual visits with in-person outings.

In particular, the banking industry should be prepared for an increase of in-person visits and transactions in the coming weeks and months. Banks will need to ensure that they have reliable and modern technology to keep up with the demands of an ever-evolving industry, in order to cope with the upcoming influx of customers to the bank.


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 The Epson TM-H6000V & TM-H6000IV are perfect for printing money orders, checks, passbooks, and endorsing checks. 


Modern and innovative point-of-sale printers are essential to banking operations. With 42 years of experience in point-of-sale equipment, we at Hillside Electronics highly recommend that banks invest in printers designed for the industry, such as the Epson TM-H6000V-054 or the Epson TM-H6000IV-074, to keep up with busy and multi-layered transactions. Both the Epson TM-H6000V and the TM-H6000IV are thermal receipt printers, and are ideal for printing money orders, checks, passbooks, and endorsing checks. 


Epson TM - H6000V - 054

 Epson TM-H6000V POS Printer


The Epson TM-H6000V-054 is perfectly designed for the banking industry. It includes a built-in Ethernet port, along with a Serial port, USB port, MICR, and Drop in Validation. (You can find a direct link to a refurbished TM-H6000V-054 here.) This printer is a bank favorite, as all interfaces can be used at once, meaning that two tellers can share a printer-- reducing your carbon footprint as you maximize counter space. In addition, the TM-H6000V-054 is capable of proximity-based printing with NFC3 technology (near field communications), allowing wireless printing for those nearby within the building. With high speeds of 350mm/second and a high speed auto cutter, this printer will be able to keep up with your busiest times of the day.


Boasting fast check processing with a MICR reader accuracy of 99.9%, the TM-H6000V-054 has a printhead reliability of 200 km and an extended auto cutter life of 3 million cuts. You can also expect less servicing with this printer, whose intuitive control panel includes easy to interpret visual error notifications. And for those looking for a printer that minimizes their carbon footprint, the H6000V has many eco-friendly features as well. Epson is a SmartWay Transport partner, and the TM-H6000V printer is ROHS compliant and recyclable!

Sourcing a quantity of new TM-H6000V-054 printers can be an investment, which is why we recommend the purchase of refurbished models. Our refurbished H6000V printers are all quality control tested and guaranteed to work optimally for many years to come. We have several interface options available, so be sure to select the correct interface in the drop-down menu: the one marked  “designed for banks,” with code C31CG62054.

Epson TM-H6000V-054 POS Printer for Banks

Epson TM - H6000IV - 074

Epson TM-H6000IV POS PrinterThe Epson TM-H6000IV is rated five stars on our website hec.com– and rightly so! The TM-H6000IV-074 includes Drop In Validation, MICR, a Serial port, and a USB port (note that unlike the H6000V, the H6000IV does not include a built-in Ethernet port). This high-end printer can print slip paper (checks) and roll paper (receipts) at high speeds of up to 300mm/second. In addition, this compact multi-function printer features endorsement and advanced QuickPass check processing. (You can find a direct link to a refurbished TM-H6000IV-074 here.)

As with the TM-H6000V, the TM-H6000IV printer features an industry leading MICR reader with 99.9% accuracy, which almost completely eliminates substitution errors and misreads for unsurpassed reliability. And with high resolution graphics, no processing delay, and a built-in form stopper for superior slip handling, the H6000IV is a wonderful investment! It also boasts best-in-class reliability with an expected life of 96 million lines, drop-in-paper loading, an auto cutter, and advanced status LED lights. 

For those looking for a printer that reduces their carbon footprint, along with the H6000V, the H6000IV is yet another excellent choice. Its compact, durable design means less space taken up, less power used, and a longer working printer lifespan. In fact, this Energy star certified printer has low power consumption, and offers print options that reduce paper usage up to 30%. 

At Hillside Electronics, we understand how important options are; that's why we offer both new and certified refurbished TM-H6000IV printers, along with several interface options. If you are looking for a printer for your bank, be sure to choose the fourth option down under “Interface”-- with the code C31CB25074. 

Epson TM-H6000IV-074 POS Printer for Banks

If you'd like some help deciding which model to purchase for your bank, or if you need any other assistance, don’t hesitate to Contact Us. Our staff is available to answer your calls from Monday-Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM ET at 413-238-5566, or you can email us any time at hec@hec.com. We’re happy to help!


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